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Renting Ice Cream Trucks for School Functions

Ice cream truck Rentals for School Functions

Special Event Ice Cream Truck Rental

Renting ice cream trucks for school functions is the best way for parents and administrators to endear themselves into the hearts of all the children.  Many people don't realize that large school events happen many times throughout the year, and these events typically happen outside where everyone in the community can enjoy some ice cream along with the school children. 

The search for entertainment at a school function can go in many different directions, but the beauty of an ice cream truck is the wonderment that is creates in children.  Not only do we have beautiful trucks that look great on the school grounds, but we have beautiful trucks that will send kids into a frenzy as soon as they see us pull around the corner.  Often, this is the best part of working a school event because we get to see kids get really excited. 

When parents and principals are looking at renting an ice cream truck for the day, they want to make sure they are getting the best ice cream truck possible.  Every day, someone is in the news for a health code violations, etc.  However, Nick's Ice Cream trucks come to the school complete with friendly staff who provide great customer service and all of the necessary health code permits that allow the truck to operate legally.

Parents and principals never have to worry about the kind of ice cream that the children are being served.  Plus, parents and principals do not have to manage the ice cream.  We send in our own team to ensure that everyone is kept happy and cool during hot, outdoor events.  For once, the adults get to sit back and relax while the children enjoy their time outside.
The trucks are stocked with ice cream and can be used all throughout the day to keep the kids and the parents cooled down while the merriment happens outside.  We can bring any of a number of custom flavors to the party, and we can even create new flavors for certain special occasions.

Depending on the event, we can serve solely from the truck or walk around with ice cream for all of the volunteers and kids, as well.  We want to give every school a full-service experience that goes far beyond the traditional image of the "ice cream guy".  We are a company committed to customer service and ensuring that the school event we attend is made better by our presence.

Ice cream is supposed to be a fun experience for the entire school community, and that is why we offer our trucks for rent to come to your school and make every kid happy when they see us roll around the corner.
To find out how to rent one of our trucks, contact us today and make every kid at your school happy during your next big event.  The kids will scream for ice cream when we round the corner, and we hope that the parents and teachers will do the same.


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