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Fair and Carnival Ice Cream Truck Rental Happiness

Fair and Carnival Ice Cream Truck Rental in MA

Fair & Carnival Ice Cream Truck Rental happiness begins and ends with the help of our beautiful ice cream trucks that deliver nothing but happiness in the form of ice cream.  When a school, community or company wants to host a fair or carnival, one of the things that is an absolute requirement for that event is an ice cream truck.

When you hire our trucks to come out to your fair or carnival, you get more than an ice cream truck.  Our ice cream trucks come to your fair or carnival stocked with every kind of ice cream you could want, a complete staff that is ready to serve the ice cream and all of the necessary health permits to make sure that you get your ice cream according to local statutes.
The beauty of our ice cream trucks is that they can drive onto the fair or carnival site and immediately create a furor amongst guests.  Not only will our arrival indicate that it is time for people to enjoy ice cream, but it is one of the best parts of your fair or carnival.  We want to make sure that your event is enjoyable for all of your guests, and we work to do that with our ice cream trucks.

Our helpful and friendly staff are there to ensure that every person at the carnival gets great customer service.  Also, our trucks show up with only the flavors that you want to have at the carnival.  Our brand of service and selection allows for your fair or carnival to have the best treats in town.

Whether you are hosting a fair or carnival in Rhode Island, New Hampshire or Massachusetts, you can have delicious ice cream that will last the entire day for your guests.  Our workers can take ice cream out to the crowds, sell from the truck all day long and we can stay for as long as you want. 

Please contact us today to find out how our ice cream trucks can make your fair or carnival the talk of the town.  While everyone wants to get on the carousel or the tilt-a-whirl, they want to cool down during their fun stay at the carnival.  With our ice cream trucks, you can ensure that everyone who comes to your events is enjoying cold and delicious ice cream.


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