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Car Show Ice Cream Truck Rental

Make The Show More Fun With A Car Show Ice Cream Truck Rental

Special Event Ice Cream Truck Rental

Car Show Ice Cream Truck Rental is something that can actually transform a car show into an event that the whole family will enjoy.  While car shows tend to be the places where guys drag their families for an afternoon of looking at vintage cars, the show can become a fun family event.

With our ice cream trucks, we can change a boring car show that only guys come to into an event that kids are begging to come to because they want to come to the ice cream truck.  Our trucks will be more than just the stars of the show, they will bring delicious, sweet treats to everyone at the show.
If you are hosting a show in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or New Hampshire, you can have one of our trucks roll onto the lot where you are hosting your show.  When all of the kids are running up to the truck, we will have friendly staff members ready to serve ice cream and make every kid happy.

Once the kids have gotten away from the truck, all of the adults will be able to enjoy the flavors and ice cream that they remember from their childhood.  We bring more than ice cream.  We bring every single flavor that you ask for when you hire us.  We also bring in a staff that is capable of serving everyone at the show.  We can serve people from the truck or walk around the show and offer ice cream to everyone who needs to cool down.

Once the car show is underway, we will do everything you need to make sure that your guests are having a good time.  We can even become a part of the car show and show off how our trucks work.  We want to participate as much as possible in the car show to give all of your guests the best experience possible. 

When you're planning your next car show, keep us in mind for your entertainment and refreshments.  Most people who are into cars will bring their families along, and everyone can delight in the ice cream that you have so generously planned to have served. 

Please do contact us for information about having the best treat of all time at your car show.  We bring the ice cream, we bring the friendly staff and you only have to bring the cars and enjoy a nice afternoon looking at automobiles while everyone else sits down with a delicious ice cream cone.


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