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Special Event Ice Cream Truck Rental
Company events can get a big stagnant when not arranged properly. The aim is to provide employees with a good fun time, helping them bond, relax, and rest after a working so hard. If it's a summer event, then getting outside for some fun in the sun is a good idea, and something that the employees will certainly appreciate.

Of course, during warm summers days and nights, a bit of refreshment is needed. Drinks always go down well, but the cold and sweet touch of an ice-cream against the lips cannot be matched. So, with this in mind, why not hire Nick's Ice Cream Trucks the next time a company event is held?

So, what's this all about? Well, simply really - we provide a dedicated ice cream service at any company event in the Massachusetts area. Just let us know some details of the event - where it is, when it starts, etc - give us some money, and we'll do the rest. We sell over 40 delicious ice cream treats, including many your employees will remember from their younger years, all starting as low as $1.50.

So, instead of hoping for an ice cream truck to rock up around the corner, why not hire our specialized service instead? We'll do all the selling, all the cleaning, and all the chatting with any happy customers who come our way - all we need to know is where and when. Sound good? Thought so - feel free to get in touch to find out more.


We are your BEST choice for a cold, sweet treat on those hot days! Give us a call at:
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We service MA, NH & RI within an 80 mile perimeter of Dracut, MA. Want to make sure we travel to your area? Ready to book your special event, call now!

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